Learn more about our churches beliefs, culture and leadership.

Our Beliefs

What we belive

It's all about Jesus

It is fine to have favourite preachers and author's but maybe part of the problem with churches today is that they follow guru's that aren't Jesus, and focus too much on books that are not the Bible.

Our Beliefs

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Our Culture

Every church has a culture. Light House Team model a healthy church culture based on five culture statements:
1.  I am a can do person
2. This is 'who I am' not 'what I do'
3. I will serve the Lord with gladness
4. Empowerment starts with me
5. I am not the spiritual police

Our Leadership

Light House Church adopts a Church Council leadership model. The church council is appointed by the Founding Pastors of the church.

At present the Church Council is made up of:
Andrew and Kelly Pocock, Bart Yeo, Peter Trama and Christo Brits.